Questions theists ask atheists

When first learning a person is atheist, a believer in a god will often ask, “Why are you atheist?” The atheist might respond, “Why do you believe in a god?” People who follow any of the various religious beliefs tend to wonder how a person can live without such beliefs. Religious wonderment leads to many common questions that theists ask atheists.

A person who believes in a god is a deist, meaning, “one who believes in a god.” People who believe that a god revealed itself to people are theists. Atheists are people who do not believe in a god or have a religion, regardless of whether the religion or god is based on a god that revealed itself, like the gods of Hammurabi, Abraham, and Moses; a religion based of any of the other over 4,000 gods man has invented; or a religion without a god. Sometimes, the distinctions between deism and theism are blurred and deists are called theists for convenience, even when they do not believe a god revealed itself to people.

For many theists, a belief in a god is natural. For the atheist, it is not natural to believe in a god. There is not an atheist belief system that says people must reject all of the gods man has invented. Yet, for many theists, it is so natural to believe in a god that they question how a person can live without such beliefs.

What follows are some questions theists ask atheists and variations of those questions as sub-questions. Share your views in the comments.

  1. Can you prove there is no god?
    1. What would you count as “actual, credible, real world evidence for God?”
    2. Why Does There Appear to Be Design (Fine Tuning) in the Universe?
  2. Where did the universe come from?
    1. How can you not see that there is intelligent design and a deliberate “Designer”?
    2. How do you explain intelligent DNA?
  3. Where do you go when you die?
    1. Do you believe you have a soul?
    2. God gives immortal life and without that god man is mortal; don’t you want your soul to live forever?
  4. What stops Atheists from eating babies (morals)?
  5. What do you do with your guilt?
    1. How do you find or offer forgiveness?
    2. How can you be accountable for your sins?
  6. Why do you want to change people’s beliefs about a god?
    1. Why are you proselytizing atheism?
    2. Why do you hate people who believe in “god”?
  7. Why not believe in a god just in case you are wrong (Pascal’s Wager)?
  8. Why are you Atheist?
    1. When did you stop believing in a god?
    2. Why do you believe there is not a god?
    3. What do you worship?
  9. If there is no god, how does your life have any meaning?
  10. Why do you worship Satan?
    1. Why do you hate god?
  11. What do you believe?